• Helen Parr (AKA Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl) as Sarah-Hall Small
  • Dash Parr as Horton the Elephant
  • Violet Parr as Cindy Lou Who
  • Bob Parr (AKA Mr. Incredible) as The Cat in the Hat
  • Jack-Jack Parr as Sam-I-Am
  • Lucius Best (AKA Frozone) as Joey
  • Winston Deavor as Norval the Fish
  • Evelynn Deavor as Jane Kangaroo
  • Edna Mode as Pam-I-Am
  • Rick Dicker as Mr. Brown
  • Tony Rydinger as Mack the Turtle 
  • Karen (AKA Voyd) as Mrs. Zaberelli
  • Gus Burns (AKA Reflux) as Matthew
  • Krushauer and He-Lectric as Fox In Socks and Mr. Knox
  • Pizza Boy (AKA Screenslaver) as The Grinch 
  • Ambassador Henrietta Selick as The White-Tufted Flozzle Bird
  • The Underminer as Vlad Vladikoff
  • Chad Brentley as Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose
  • Mayor as Binkham
  • Victor Cachet as Little Cat Fleep
  • Honey Best as Sally
  • Screech as The Lorax

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