Here is My Second Summer Music Video

Song From

The Land Before Time 9


Puffin (Wishfart): Me Got A Friend, A Very Special Friend

Sheila: But Nobody Can See Or Hear Him

Tails: We Play Everday He Does Anything Me Say

Banzai: And He Makes Me Happy When Me Near Him

DJ: What Kinda Friend Is Your Friend

Mr. Centipede: He A Sharptooth

Tasha: He Must Be Very Scary

Blu: Oh No He Short, Kind and Real Nice And Best Of All He Imaginary

Akiko: Imaginary

Gumby: Imaginary

Felicity, Roxie and Bunnicula: Oh Imaginary Friends Those Wonderful Friends Ready When You Wanna Play

Freddie: They Happy When You Happy

Bluey: Sad When You Are You

Young Simba: And Whatever You Do They’re Always There

Puffin, Dez and Akiko: La, La, La, La Imaginary

Phineas, Kimi Finster and LincoIn Loud: La, La, La, La Imaginary

Toon Stella: Why Whould Ya An Imaginary Friend?

Uniqua: I Think It Just Sounds Dumb

Odette: He Ain’t Really There You’re Just To Talkin’ To The Air

Amy Rose: How Can Nobody Be Any Fun

Tails: But Imaginary Friend Think You Very Very Smart

Tori: They Never Ever Fuss Nor Fight

Rocko: Whenever You Wanna Go And

Plum and Fievel: You’re Always Right

Hanazuki: Well I Like That

All: La, La, La, La, Imaginary (x3)

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