• Kom - Leo [Legend Quest]
    A Human' s Tale (A Monkey's tale)
  • Chancellor Sebastian - Grim Gloom [The 7D]
  • King - Prince Cashmere [Wander Over Yonder]
  • Gin - Marcella [Legend Quest]
  • Gerald The Gormless - Vlad [Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi]
  • Master Martin - Razmo [Ratz]
  • Governess - Nora Weinerman [My Life as a Teenage Robot]
  • Korkonak - Lord Boxman [OK K.O. Let's Heroes Be]
  • Princess Ida - Sam Sparks [Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs]
  • Lionel - Katz [The Modifyers]
  • Gavin - Raoul [A Monster In Paris]
  • Kom's Mother - Wendy Corduroy [Gravity Falls]
  • Peoples - Ponies [My Little Pony Friendship is Magic], People of Townsville [Powerpuff Girls], Imaginary Friends [Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends] and Butterfly Family [Star vs. The Forces of Evil]
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