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Hoop-a-Joop is an animated series that premiered on Kids' WB! on September 11, 1999. It is created by Kevin Lordi.

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Premise of the Series

Al Smith, his siblings Jamie and Jim Smith, his parents Amanda and Donald Smith, his pets Sonny and Hoop-a-Joop, his friends James Carmichael whose brothers and parents are Mike Carmichael, Richard Carmichael and Morgan and Tommy Carmichael, Amy Somerstein whose sisters and parents are Alissa Somerstein, Ramona Somerstein and Mariana and George Somerstein and Mel Syzlak whose sisters and parents are Lori Syzlak, Anna Syzlak and Stella and Carlos Syzlak, live in the town of Lancaster. Appearing in this show are Sean Scott, the rival of Al, Juanita Amos, Al's neighbor, whose brothers are Esteban and Heriberto Amos, and The Wolfpack (Vinnie "Vin" Birch, Samuel "Sam" Fitzgerald, Erica O'Raida, Jacqueline "Jacq" LeFloch, Frances "Flan" Palmer and Dark Onion).

The show mainly focuses on the relationship between Al and Hoop-a-Joop, the pet octopus. Al wants to help everybody in his small yet mysterious town, while his baby brother helps him harbor the fugitive octopus.

Voice Cast

Character Gallery


List of Hoop-a-Joop episodes

Production Companies

  • Warner Bros. Animation (1999-present)


  • Like Ed, Edd N Eddy, the series is made in squiggle-vision.
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