Homer Simpson 2006.png

Homer Simpson is a man from ''The Simpsons''

He played Fred's Dad in Bart: The Movie, Bart 2: Night of the Living Bart and Bart: The Show

He is Fred's dad

He played Ick in It's a Big Big World (CartoonAnimationFan06 Human Style)

He is a fish

He played The Stove in Purple/Brown Bunny and the Larkin

He is a stove

He played Maurice in Beauty and the Squid

He is an old man

He played Huntsman in Belldandy White and the Seven Notekins (1937)

He is an humble hunter

He played Beast in OviRaptor and the Simpson

He is a beast

He Played The Old Man in Norah and the Giant Peach

he is a old man and the narrator

He played Puffin in The Candace Hyena

He is a puffin


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