• Bessy the Cow as Maggie
  • and more

Barnyard 2: Home of the Range:

  • Barnyard 2: Home of the Range: is a movie coming to Theaters on April 2, 2030 from Paramount Pictures (USA), Universal Pictures (International), Nickelodeon Movies, O Entertainment and Illumination Entertainment and is from creator of Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Barnyard, Rango, Despicable Me & Hop


  • Maggie - Bessy the Cow
  • Ms. Calloway - Etta
  • Grace - Buck
  • Buck - Otis
  • The Sheriff - Farmer Buyer
  • Alameda Slim - Dr. George
  • The Willie Brothers - The Billie Brothers
  • Lucky Jack - Abby
  • The Hen - Hanna
  • Junior - Bigfoot
  • The Bug - The Bee


  • Otis/Buck: He must be taking stupid lessons from that buffalo (Bigfoot/Junior shorts behind Otis/Buck) Uh-oh.
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