Scratchpad III Wiki


  • Victoria as Maggie
  • Alice (Angelina Ballerina) as Grace
  • Silver (The Angry Birds Movie 2) as Mrs. Calloway
  • Cody Maverick as Buck
  • Bowser as Alameda Slim
  • King Boo as Rico
  • Mercury as Lucky Jack
  • Della Duck (DuckTales) as Pearl Gensner
  • Toadsworth as Sheriff Sam Brown
  • Vincent Van Goat as Jeb The Goat
  • Daisy Duck (Disney) as Audrey The Hen
  • Adult Mumble (Happy Feet) as Ollie The Pig
  • Gloria (Happy Feet) as Molly The Pig
  • Arnold, Kate And Smudge as the 3 Piggies
  • Valiant as Bob The Longhorn
  • Red (Angry Birds) as Barry The Longhorn
  • Poochy (Yoshi's Woolly World) as Rusty The Dog
  • Tank Evans as Patrick The Horse
  • Geoff (Total Drama Island) as Junior The Buffalo
  • Shadow The Hedgehog as Wesley
  • Von Talon, Cufflingk And Underlingk as The Willie Brothers
  • Huey, Dewey and Louie as Chicks
  • Wave the Swallow as Crowing Chick
  • Ricky the Rooster as The Rooster

Clips Used