TheCartoonMan12's Halloween music video of It's All in Your Mind from Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw.


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oscar bea milo albert jumbo finberley shellsea esmargpot and bo gregory song clip

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It's All in your Mind

Song from:

Pound Puppies & The Legend of Big Paw


The Muppets' Haunted House (@1998 The Jim Henson)

Fish Hooks (@2010 Disney)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (@2010 Hasbro)

The Brave Little Toaster (@1987 Disney)

ALF (@1986-1990 NBC)

Back at the Barnyard (@2007-2011 Nickelodeon)

Family Guy (@1999 20th Century Fox)

Ed Edd n Eddy (@1999 Cartoon Network)

Toy story (@1999 Disney/Pixar)

The Penguins of Madagascar (@2008 Nickelodeon/Dremworks)

Thomas & Friends (@1984 Hit Entertaiment)

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (@2008-2010 Cartoon Network)

Phineas and Ferb (Rollercoaster: The Musical!; @2007 Disney)

Looney Tunes (@1930-1969 Warner Bros.)

Dave the Barbarian (@2004-2005 Disney)

Crash & Bernstein (@2012 Disney)

The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange (Sir Juice-A-Lot; @2012 Cartoon Network)

The Garfield Show (Family Picture; @2009 Paws)

Fanboy & Chum Chum (@2009 Nickelodeon)

Best Pals Hand Toons (@2013)

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! (@2010 PBS)

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers (@2004-2006 Disney)

Mad (@2010 Cartoon Network)

Jimmy Two-Shoes (@2009-2012 Teletoon)

Toy story 3 (@2010 Disney/Pixar)

Disney's House of Mouse (@2001-2003 Disney)

The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! (@1989-1991 DIC)

BBC Children in Need (@2009)

Yin Yang Yo (@2006-2009 Disney/Jetix)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (@2000 Adult Swim)

Kim Possible (@2002-2007 Disney)

The Simpsons (Lisa's First Word; @1989 20th Century Fox)

Sonic the Hedgehog (@1993-1994)



Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (@2009 Sony/Columbia)

Rocket Monkeys (@2013 Teletoon)

Adventure Time (@2010 Cartoon Network)

Hey There, It's Yogi Bear! (@1964 Hanna-Barbera)

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