Sunny Funny As Fine (PaRappa The Rapper)

Star Butterfly As Rein (Star Vs The Forces Of Evil)

Pikachu As Poomo (Pokemon)

PaRappa As Shade (PaRappa The Rapper)

Marco Diaz As Bright (Star VS The Forces Of Evil)

Eri Karan As Sophie (Digimon Universe)

Junko Enoshima As Altezza (Danganronpa)

Katy Kat As Lione (PaRappa The Rapper)

9-Volt As Tio (WarioWare)

Matt As Auler (PaRappa The Rapper)

Nanny As Camelot (101 Dalmatians)

As Lulu

Akima As Elsa (Titan AE)

Cale Tucker As Truth (Titan AE)

Jeros As Bibin (HUGtto! Precure)

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