Funta (ファンタ) is a Japanese pop rock band consisting of two members: UCO (U子 pronounced /yu:ko/) on vocals and Yoshimi (吉見) on guitar and bass. Active since 1997, Funta have not released any full-length albums to date, focusing instead on releasing singles for use as theme songs in anime.

Funta's more recent credits have been primarily for the lyrics and composition of anime themes performed by other artists, including Mika Kikuchi, Suitei-Shojo, and Mai Nakahara. Despite the arguably infrequent nature of band activity, the duo are still active; the Official Funta Website is updated regularly by UCO, who keeps diaries on the site for herself as well as for her three dogs.


Kao Dekaai (Dr. Slump)

Hanage ga Chotto Tobidashiteiru (Dr. Slump)

ONBORO no Jitensha ni Notte (Dr. Slump)

I Must Live (Samurai: Hunt for the Sword)

Wake up Angel (Pita-Ten)

S・U・K・I (Popotan)

Gem Stone (Popotan)

Sunao Na Mama (Nanaka 6/17)

Mienai HAPPY ~Sagashimono wa Itsumo~ (Nanaka 6/17)

Mo.o! (Nanatsuiro Drops)

Kirari☆彡Star Twinkle Precure (Star Twinkle Precure)

Singles Anime Song
Kao Dekaai Dr. Slump 1998
Hanage ga Chotto Tobidashiteiru Dr. Slump 1998
ONBORO no Jitensha ni Notte Dr. Slump 1998
I Must Live Samurai: Hunt for the Sword  2000
Wake up Angel Pita-Ten 2002
S・U・K・I Popotan 2003
Gem Stone Popotan 2003
Sunao Na Mama Nanaka 6/17 2003
Mienai HAPPY ~Sagashimono wa Itsumo~ Nanaka 6/17 2003
Mo.o! Nanatsuiro Drops 2007
Kirari☆彡Star Twinkle Precure Star Twinkle Precure 2019
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