Disney and BBC's Spoof of Follow That Bird


  • The Super Readers as Big Bird
  • Elmo as Cookie Monster
  • Barney as Grover
  • Flash as Oscar
  • Oswald, Weenie & Henry as Ernie
  • Daddy Pig as Bert
  • Little Guy as Telly
  • Tyrone (The Backyardigans) as Luis
  • Widget as Maria
  • Roary The Racing Car as Elmo
  • Bob the Builder as Gordon
  • Dizzy as Prairie Dawn
  • Sid The Science Kid as Herry Monster
  • Rubble & Big Chris as Two Headed Monster
  • Moose a Moose as Count Von Count
  • Bot as Bob
  • Baby Bop as Susan
  • Niko Tallides as Snuffy


  • Nicholas Kaegi as Super Why
  • Tajja Isen as Princess Presto
  • Siera Florindo as Wonder Red
  • Zachary Bloch as Alpha Pig
  • Ryan Dillon as Elmo


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