Finding Tim Templeton part 9 Toons are Friends, not Food


(Bell rings) 

Nanotyrannus: Right then. The meeting has offically come to order. Lwt us all say the pledge... 

Nanotyrannus/Cryolophosaurus/Torvosaurus: I am a nice dinosaur, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Toons are Friends, not Food 

Cryolophosaurus: Except stinkin, Pandas 

Torvosaurus: Pandas! Yeah, they think they are so cute! Oh, look at me, I'm a cuddly, little panda! Let me cuddle for ya! Ain't I something! 

Nanotyrannus: All right then, today's meeting is step five: Bring of toon friend. Now you all have your friends 

Cryolophosaurus: Got mine 

Surly: (Shivering) 

Raven: Hey there 

Nanotyrannus: How about you, Torvosaurus? 

Torvosaurus: Oh, um, I've seem to have misplaced my um, friend 

Andrew Scholte: (Gasps) 

Nanotyrannus: That's all right, Torvosaurus. I had a feelin this would be a difficult step, you can help yourself to one of my friends 

Torvosaurus: Well, thanks mate. A little Chum for a Chum, eh? 

Andrew Scholte: (Whimpers) 

Nanotyrannus: I'll start the testimonies. Hello, my name Nanotyrannus 

Cryolophosaurus/Torvosaurus: Hello Nanotyrannus 

Nanotyrannus: It has been three weeks since my last toon, on my honor, or may I be chopped up and made into soup 


Torvosaurus: You're an insperation to all of us 

Cryolophosaurus: Amen 

Nanotyrannus: All right then, who's next? 

Raven: Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! 

Nanotyrannus: Yes, little sheila down in front 

Raven: Woo! 

Nanotyrannus: Come on up here 

Raven: Hi, I'm Raven 

Nanotyrannus/Cryolophosaurus/Torvosaurus: Helllo Raven 

Raven: And um, well, I don't think I've ever eaten a Toon 


Torvosaurus: Hey, that's incredible 

Nanotyrannus: Good on, Ya, mate! 

Raven: (Sighs) I'm glad I got that out of my chest 

Nanotyrannus: All right, anyone else? Hello, how about you, mate? What's your problem 

Andrew Scholte: Me? I don't, I don't have a problem 

Nanotyrannus: Oh. Okay... 

Nanotyrannus/Cryolophosaurus/Torvosaurus: Denial 

Nanotyrannus: (Smacks Andrew Scholte in front of them) 

Nanotyrannus: Just start with your name 

Andrew Scholte: Okay. Uh, hello, my name is Andrew, I'm a dutchman 

Torvosaurus: A dutchman? Really! 

Nanotyrannus: Go on, tell us a joke! 

Torvosaurus: Oh, I love jokes 

Andrew Scholte: Well, actually, I do know one that's pretty good. Um, there was this raccoon, and he walks up to an otter. Normally, they don't talk to other animals, otters, but in a joke, everyone talks. So, the raccoon says to the otter... 

(Then Andrew Scholte sees a mask hanging on top of old horse stables) 

Tim Templeton: Daddy! 

Andrew Scholte: Tim 

Torvosaurus: (With Laughs) Tim! Tim! I don't get it 

Nanotyrannus: For a dutchman, he's not that funny 

Andrew Scholte: No, no, no, no. He's my son. He was taken by these hunters 

Raven: Oh, you poor kid 

Torvosaurus: Humans, think they own everything 

Cryolophosaurus: Probably American 

Nanotyrannus: Now there's a father! Looking for his little boy! 

Andrew Scholte: Ugh! What do these markings meen 

Nanotyrannus: I never knew my father! (Crying) 

Cryolophosaurus: C,mom. Group hug 

Torvosaurus: We're all mates here mate 

Andrew Scholte: I can't read human 

Raven: Well then we gotta find a toon who can read this. Hey, look. Dinosaurs 

Andrew Scholte: No, no, no, Raven! 

Raven: Guys, guys 

Andrew Scholte: No, Raven! 

Raven: That's mine, give it to me! 

Andrew Scholte: No, Raven! 

Raven: Gimme! 

(Andrew Scholte loses grip of the mask, hitting Raven's face by accident) 

Raven: Ow! 

Andrew Scholte: I'm sorry, are you okay? I'm so sorry 

Raven: You really clocked me there, am I bleeding 

Andrew Scholte: Oh 

Raven: Ow, ow, ow 

Nanotyrannus: Raven are you okay? Oooh. (Gives a creepy smile) That's good 

Cryolophosaurus/Torvosaurus: (Gasps) Intervention! 


Nanotyrannus: Just a bite! 

Cryolophosaurus: You've gotta hold it together, mate! 

Torvosaurus: Yeah, Nanotyrannus, remember, Toons are Friends, not Food 

Nanotyrannus: Food! 

Andrew Scholte: Raven, look out! 

Raven: (Screams) 

Nanotyrannus: I'm having Toons, tonight! 

Torvosaurus: Remember the steps, mate! 

Andrew Scholte: (Screaming) 

Raven: (Screaming) 

Nanotyrannus: Just one bite! 

Raven: (Screaming) 


Nanotyrannus: G-Day! 

Andrew Scholte: (Screams) 

Nanotyrannus: Arrr! 


Andrew Scholte: There's no way out! There's gotta be a way to escape! 


Raven: Who is it? 

Andrew Scholte: Raven, help me find away a way out! 

Raven: Sorry, I'm gonna have to come back later. Trying to escape 


Andrew Scholte: There is a way out! There's gotta be a way out! 

Raven: Look, here's something. ESS-CA-PE! I wonder what that means, it's funny. Mabye, because it's spelled just like the word escape! 

Andrew Scholte: Let's go! 

Raven: (Screams) 

Nanotyrannus: Here's Nanny! 

Andrew Scholte: Wait a minute, you can read? 

Raven: I can read! That's right, I can read! 

Andrew Scholte: Well the here, read this now! 

Raven: (Screaming) 

Nanotyrannus: (Grunts) 

Torvosaurus: He really doesn't mean that! 

Cryolophosaurus: He never even knew his father! 

Torvosaurus: Don't fall off the wagon! 

Andrew Scholte/Raven: (Screaming) 

Nanotyrannus: (Grunts) 


Andrew Scholte: Oh no! It's blocked! 


Torvosaurus: No, Nanotyrannus, focus! Sorry about... 


Torvosaurus: ...This mate 


Cryolophosaurus: He's really... 


Cryolophosaurus: ...A nice guy 

Andrew Scholte: I need to get that mask! 

Raven: You want that mask? Okay 

Andrew Scholte: No, no, no, no, no, no, nooooo! 

Andrew Scholte: Quick grab the mask, grab it! 

(Andrew Scholte and Raven hide inside the barn) 

(Nanotyrannus spits the pipe that was shove in his throat, whick starts heading towards a bunch of explosive barrels) 

Cryolophosaurus: Oh no, Nanotyrannus? 

Nanotyrannus: What? 

(Nanotyrannus sees the pipe heading towards the explosive barrels) 

Nanotyrannus: (Gasps) Run away! Run away! 

Raven: Aww, is the party over? 

(Pipe hits one of the explosice barrels, causing a chain reaction) 


(Explosion heard from far away) 

(A Pterosaur smacks another Pterosaur) 

Pterosaur 1: (Scared) 

Pterosaur 2: Nice 

Pterosaur 3: (Moves over, but falls of the hill they were on)  


  • Andrew Scholte as Marlin  
  • Sunshine as Coral  
  • Carnoturus (Dinosaur) as The Barracuda  
  • Tim Templeton (The Boss Baby) as Nemo  
  • Puss in Boots (Shrek 2), Bolt, and Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) as Fish Parents  
  • Thunder (The House of Magic) as Sheldon 
  • Rosebud (Air Buddies) as Pearl 
  • Kubo (Kubo and the Two Strings) as Tad  
  • Aladar (Dinosaur) as Mr. Ray   
  • Raven (Justice League vs. Teen Titans) as Dory    
  • Nanotyrannus (Jurassic Fight Club) as Bruce    
  • Cryolophosaurus and Torvosaurus (Dinosaur Revolution) as Anchor and Chum     
  • Surly (The Nut Job) as The Worried Fish     
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