Finding Tim templeton part 6 Tim Templeton gets Captured


(Tim Templeton starts walking to the Truck)

Andrew Scholte: (Gasps) Tim! What do you think you're doing? You're gonna get stuck out there and I'm gonna have to get you before another toon does. Get back here! I said Get back here, now! Stop! You dare take one more move mister. No, dont you dare! If you put on hand on that truck! Are you listening to me?! Dont touch the tru...

Tim Templeton: (Touches truck)

Andrew Scholte: Tim!

Kubo: (Whispering) He touched the track

Andrew Scholte: You just walk your little legs right back here, Tim! That's right. You're in big trouble young man! You here me?! Big...

(Then a Hun comes from behind Tim Templeton)

Andrew Scholte: (Gasps)

Thunder: (Screams)

(Tim Templeton turns around)

Tim Templeton: (Screams) Daddy! Help me!

Andrew Scholte: I'm coming Tim! (Gasps)

(Andrew Scholte gets blocked by the Hun's pet Falcon)

Kids: (Sreaming)

Aladar: Get under me, kids!

(Aladar leads the rest of the class to safety)

Tim Templeton: Oh no! Dad! Daddy!

Andrew Scholte: Tim!

(Andrew Scholte gets dizzy, but he shakes it off by banging in a rock)

Andrew Scholte: Tim! Tim! No! (Gasps) Tim! Tim! Tim! No! No!

(The Truck takes off)

Andrew Scholte: (Screaming)

Andrew Scholte: (Gasps) Tim! Tim!

(The Hun starts driving with his pet Falcon on his shoulder, he then puts Tim in a Wooden box with holes in it)

Hun: Woah! Hold On!

(The Hun accidentally knocks his mask Overboard)

(The mask starts falling down hill, heading towards an abandoned barn)

(Andrew Scholte continues to chase after the Truck, which suddenly became a shadow in the distance, and then was soon gone)

Andrew Scholte: Oh no. No, no. It's gone, It' gone. No, no, It can't be gone. No, no! Tim! Tim! Tim! No! Tim! Tim! No! No, please, no! No, no!


  • Andrew Scholte as Marlin  
  • Sunshine as Coral  
  • Carnoturus (Dinosaur) as The Barracuda  
  • Tim Templeton (The Boss Baby) as Nemo  
  • Puss in Boots (Shrek 2), Bolt, and Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians) as Fish Parents  
  • Thunder (The House of Magic) as Sheldon 
  • Rosebud (Air Buddies) as Pearl 
  • Kubo (Kubo and the Two Strings) as Tad  
  • Aladar (Dinosaur) as Mr. Ray  
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