Finding Tim Templeton transcript part 2 - A Terrible Fate


Andrew Scholte: Where did everybody go?

(Andrew Scholte then finds Sunshine who was staring at a Carnotaurus in the distance)

Andrew Scholte: (Gasps)

Carnotaurus: (Growls)

Andrew Scholte: Sunshine, get inside the house, Sunshine.

(Sunshine looks down at their babies)

Andrew Scholte: No, Sunshine, don't. They'll be fine. Just get inside, you, right now

(Sunshine then runs to protect their babies)

Carnotaurus: (Roars, then charges)

Andrew Scholte: No!

(Andrew Scholte rams into the Carnotaurus)

Carnotaurus: (Roars, then snaps at Andrew Scholte)

Andrew Scholte: (Gasps)

Carnotaurus: (Snaps at Andrew Scholte again, but keeps missing, then roars again)

(Andrew Scholte punches the Carnotaurus, but the Carnotaurus smacks Andrew Scholte against a brick wall, making him fall unconscious)

Carnotaurus: (Roars)

(The Carnotaurus then kills and eats Sunshine, then it steps on all except one of Andrew Scholte's babies)

(One night, Andrew Scholte wakes up)

Andrew Scholte: Sunshine!

(Andrew Scholte darts out of the house, and tries to find Sunshine)

(Andrew Scholte turns around)

Andrew Scholte: Sunshine? Sunshine?

(Andrew Scholte finds the nest empty and destroyed)

Andrew Scholte: Sunshine? Sunshine?

(Andrew Scholte walks out of the nest, onto the street, and calls for Sunshine one last time)

Andrew Scholte: Sunshine?

(Then Andrew Scholte realizes that Sunshine is gone)

Andrew Scholte: (Crying) Oh!

(Then Andrew Scholte spots something. It's one of the babies, who survived the Carnotaurus attack)

(Andrew Scholte walks over to it)

Andrew Scholte: There, there, there. It's okay, daddy's here. Daddy's got you. I promise, I will never let anything happen to you... Tim

Andrew Scholte presents

An Osprey entertainment film

Finding Tim Templeton


  • Andrew Scholte as Marlin  
  • Sunshine as Coral  
  • Carnoturus (Dinosaur) as The Barracuda 
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