Finding Tim Templeton transcript part 1 - New parents


(Andrew Scholte intro)

(Osprey entertainment intro)

Andrew Scholte: Wow

Sunshine: Mm

Andrew Scholte: Wow

Sunshine: Mmm-hmm

Andrew Scholte: Wow

Sunshine: Yes, Andrew. No, I see it. It's beautiful

Andrew Scholte: So, Sunshine, when you said you wanted a wilderness view, you didn't think you were going to get the whole wilderness, did you? Huh? (Sighs) Oh, yeah. A toon can breath out here. Did your man deliver, or did he deliver?

Sunshine: My man delivered

Andrew Scholte: And it wasn't so easy

Sunshine: Because alot of other Dutch people had their eyes onto this place

Andrew Scholte: You better believe they did, every single one of them

Sunshine: Mm-hmm. You did good. And the neighborhood is awesome

(Andrew Scholte and Sunshine both look at alot of dinosaurs in the field)

Andrew Scholte: So, you do like it, don't you?

Sunshine: No, no. I do, I do. I really do like it. But, Andrew, I know that the drop off is desirable with the great herds and amazing views, but do we really need so much space?

Andrew Scholte: Sunshine, honey, these are our kids we're talking about. They deserve the best. Look, look, look. They'll wake up, poke their little heads out and they'll see a Dragon! See, right by their bedroom window.

Sunshine: Shhh, you're gonna wake the kids

Andrew Scholte: Oh, right. Right

Sunshine: Aww, look.

(Andrew Scholte and Sunshine look at their babies)

Sunshine: They're dreaming. We still have to name them

Andrew Scholte: You wanna name all of them, right now? All right? We'll name this half Andrew jr. and then this half Sunshine jr. Okay we're done

Sunshine: I like Tim

Andrew Scholte: Tim? Well, we'll name one Tim but I'd like most of them to be Andrew jr.

Sunshine: Just think that in a couple of days, we're going to be parents!

Andrew Scholte: Yeah. What if they don't like me?

Sunshine: Andrew

Andrew Scholte: No, really

Sunshine: There's over six babies. Odds are, one of them that's bound to like you

(Andrew Scholte follows Sunshine into the house)

Sunshine: What?

Andrew Scholte: You remember how we met?

Sunshine: Well I try not to

Andrew Scholte: Well, I remember. Excuse me, miss

Sunshine: (Screams)

Andrew Scholte: Can you check and see if there's a blade on my lips?

Sunshine: Andrew!

Andrew Scholte: Well, you gotta look a little closer because it's wiggling

Sunshine: Get away!

Andrew Scholte: Here he is. Cutie's here!

(Then Andrew Scholte finds the neighborhood empty, except for an young Apatosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Pteranodon, Oviraptor and Tyrannosaurus who run for cover)


  • Andrew Scholte as Marlin  
  • Sunshine as Coral  
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