Thebackgroundponies2016Style's Movie Spoof of "Robin Hood"


  • Fantomcat Hood

    Bobby Hood

    Robin Hood - Bobby Santiago [The Loud House]
  • Little John - Angel Dust [Hazbin Hotel] 
  • Maid Marian - Lori Loud [The Loud House] 
  • Prince John - Vlad [Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi] 
  • Sir Hiss - Master Frown [Unikitty] 
  • Friar Tuck - Rapido [Ratz] 
  • Sheriff of Notigham - Black Hat [Villainous] 
  • Alan-A-Dale - Radicles [OK K.O. Let's Heroes Be] 
  • Lady Tuck - Vaggie [Hazbin Hotel] 
  • Trigger and Nutsy - Norm The Genie [The Fairy OddParents] and Jack Rabbit [T.U.F.F Puppy] 
  • Otto - El Captain [Marcianos vs Mexicanos] 
  • Skippy Rabbit - Dipper Pines [Gravity Falls] 
  • Sis Rabbit - Mabel Pines [Gravity Falls] 
  • Tagalong Rabbit - Chloe Carmichael [The Fairly OddParents] 
  • Mother Rabbit - Connie Carmichael [The Fairly OddParents] 
  • Toby Turtle - Mole [The Modifyers] 
  • Tournament Crocodile - Toffee [The Star VS. The Forces of Evil] 
  • Father Mouse - Wander [Wander Over Yonder] 
  • Mother Mouse - Twilight Sparkle [My Little Pony Friendship is Magic] 
  • King Richard - Dracula [Hotel Transylvania] 
  • Sheriff 's Guards - The Vampires [Welcome to the Wayne] Deadly Six [Sonic; The Lost World] The Townsville [The Powerpuff Girls] Nixels [Mixels] and The Martians [Mercianos vs Mexicanos] 
  • Robin Hood Disguise as Fortume Teller - Miss Pastel [OK K.O. Let's Heroes Be]
  • Little John Disguise as Fortume Teller - Princess Demurra [Wander Over Yonder]
  • Robin Hood Disguise as a Leggad Stork - Armando [Pirate Express]
  • Little John as Sir Reginald - Sharko [Zig and Sharko]
  • Robin Hood Disguise as Old Man - Mr. Green [The Powerpuff Girls]                                                                                       
  • Prince John 's Guards - Ms. Mister Billy Swift Dr. Stinger and Genghis Fangus [Super Duper Sumos]  
  • People of Nottingham - People of Townsville [The Powerpuff Girls], Imaginary Friends [Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends] and People of Welcome to the Wayne [Welcome to the Wayne]  
  • Torturer - Moose [Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends]  


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