Teaser Trailer

  • Fancy Pants: Go away Go away help i'm a Luxo
  • Luxo Jr: Blow card
  • Mickey Mouse: Help luxo i'm a Mickey i do pancake Banjo and Kazooie hab
  • Banjo and Kazooie: Flying fall
  • Fancy Pants: Screammmmmmmm Mickey Mouse
  • Mickey Mouse: Do it today smash your Banjo help you
  • Kazooie: Hab mickey mouse
  • Mickey Mouse: Whoa Whoa Whoa Fancy Pants
  • Fancy Pants: Black
  • Mugman: Mini cup
  • (Capcom presents logo shows up)
  • Fancy Pants: Scream i'm
  • Narrator: Fancy Pants vs. Capcom presents
  • (This September logo shows up)
  • (Fancy Pants vs. Capcom Short logo shows up)


  • (Capcom logo shows up)
  • Fancy Pants: Fat Man
  • Narrator: Fat Fancy Pants Your Toy Smashed
  • Luxo Jr: Comes up
  • Luxo Sr: BANG
  • Fancy Pants: Your broken it Toy
  • Narrator: From the creators of Toy Story

Trailer 2

Japan Trailer

UK Trailer

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