Duchess is the female protagonist in Disney's 1970 feature film The AristoCats. She is the Mother of Toulouse, Berlioz, and Marie. She's also the love interest of Thomas O'Malley

She Played Kanga in The Sid the Sloth (Winnie the Pooh) series

She Played Ariel in The Little Mer-Cat trilogy

She Played Winifred in The Animation Book

She Played Pocahontas in Duchhontas 1 and 2

She Played Anastasia in Duchesstasia

She Played Ellie in Comedy Age 2: The Meltdown, 3: Dawn of the Bears, 4: Continental Drift, and 5: Collision Course

She Played Princess Atta in An Animal's Life

She Played Elastigirl in The Incredibles (IceAgeForever Animal Style) 1 and 2

She Played Elsa in We're Back!: A Mammal's Story

She Played Tzipporah in The Cat of Egypt


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