Jessegaulien321’s Spoof of Blue’s Clues


  • Doogal as Blue
  • BJ as Steve
  • Moose A Moose as Joe
  • Chase (Paw Patrol) as Mailbox
  • Snook The Sloth as Shovel
  • Peppa Pig as Pail
  • Wonder Red as Tickety Tock
  • June (Little Einsteins) as Slippery Soap
  • Rostia as Sidetable Drawer
  • Dot (PBS Kids) as Periwinkle
  • Diego as Mr. Salt
  • Zoe as Mrs. Pepper
  • Zeeter as Magenta
  • Xavier Riddle as Green Puppy
  • Brad as Purple Kangaroo
  • Yadina Riddle as Miranda
  • Skye as Plum
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