Woody - Grim Reaper

Buzz Lightyear - Wander

Jessie - Twilight Sparkle

Bullseye - Littlefoot 

Stinky Pete - King Nixel

Al McWiggin - Corset

Mr. Potato Head - Kaz Harada

Rex - Discord

Hamm - Radicles

Slinky Dog - Rapido

Bo Peep - Garnet

Mrs. Potato Head - Madame Foster

Wheezy - Zim

Squeeze Toy Alien Trio - Lincoln Lori and Leni Loud

Sarge - Mr. Herriman

Sarge's Soldiers - Imaginary Friends

Emperor Zurg - Dragon Rider

Andy Davis - Mavis

Mrs. Davis - Dennis

Molly Davis - Poof

Buster - Tinkles

Troll Doll - Rita from Jelly Jamm

Rocky Gibraltar - Sulk

Mr. Shark - Jonah Bishop

Barrel of Monkeys - Super Looters Dev Blog

Trash Can Toys - Mummies from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Etch - Petrie

Mr. Spell - Husk

Geri the Cleaner - Igor from The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Utility Belt Buzz - Raymond

Barbie Dolls - Mermaids from Pirate Express

Tour Guide Barbie - Mand 

Emily - Buckets 

The Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots - Pillywag and Grave Sliced 

Amy - Mila

Amy's Barbie Doll - Tooth Fairy
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