• Disney's The Modifyers 2016-2017 Style
    Agent Xero/Lacey Shadows - Leni Loud/Enid
  • Mole - Razmo 
  • Katz - Ford Pines 
  • Baron Vain - Lord Hater
  • Rat - Ludo
    The Modifyers (MLPCV Style) Recast
  • Herself - Sam Manson
  • Himself - Angel Dust
  • Itself - Rat's Bug
  • Itself - Kornyleous
  • Baron Vain's Legion Of Henchmens - Master Frown, Sir Pentious, Norm The Genie, Jack Rabbit, The Vampires and Deadly Six
  • Dr Julian - Frankie Foster



Voice Casts

  •  Liliana Mumy/Ashly Burch as Agent Xero/Enid Shadows
  •  Tom Kenny as Razmole
  •  J.K. Simmons as Fordtz
  •  Keith Ferguson as Baron Hater
  •  Alan Tudyk as Ludo


  • Leni Loud as Agent Xero; I'm agent xero.
  • Leni Loud as Agent Xero; Master of disguise.
  • Leni Loud as Agent Xero; My Modular.
  • Leni Loud as Agent Xero; Partner mullen are part of the secret mystery cracking team known as the modifyers.
  • Leni Loud as Agent Xero; We work around the clock to foil the evil schemes of Baron Vain and his goony legions hencmens.
  • Narrator; Coming to 2016 and 2017
  • Narrator; This Summer.
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