• Disney's Grim Gloom Beetlejuice 2015 Style

    Grim Gloom [Beetlejuice]

    Adam Maitland - Jamie
  • Barbara Maitland - Frankie Foster
  • Beetlejuice - Grim Gloom
  • Lydia Deetz - Ami Onuki
  • Delia Deetz - Carol
  • Charles Deetz - Katz
  • Jane - Ms. Keane
  • Otho - Captain LaPoutine
  • Juno - Queen Delighful
  • Maxie Dean - Uncle Grandpa
  • Sarah Dean - Nora Wakeman
  • Snake Beetlejuice - Aku
  • Bernard - Greg Valentino
  • Grace - Janice Valentino
  • Beryl - Lacey Shadow
  • Preacher - The Rat Exterminator
  • Char Man - Jonah Bishop
  • Harry The Hunter - Dracula
  • Road Kill Man - Flint Lockwood
  • Head Shrinking Guy - Hunter Spector




Voice Casts


  •   Narrator; From the Creators of Stitchweenie and Frank Scissorhands.
  •   Narrator; Adam and Barbara are.
  •   Jamie as Adam Maitland; Ghosts.
  •   Frankie Foster as Barbara Maitland; What's the good being a ghost if you can't frighten people away.
  •   Narrator; Their house.
  •   Narrator; Is being haunted by living.     
  •   Katz as Charles Deetz; Maybe the house could use a little remodelling.     
  •   Narrator; And they can't scare them into leaving.     
  •   Carol as Delia Deetz; The sevens little late to be neurotic.     
  •   Narrator; So they're calling on Beetlejuice.     
  •   Frankie Foster as Barbara Maitland; Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.     
  •   Narrator; Who's no ordinary ghosts.     
  •   Grim Gloom as Beetlejuice; Yeah.     
  •   Ms. Keane as Jane; Nobody's help.     
  •   Jamie as Adam Maitland; Can you be scary.     
  •   Grim Gloom as Beetlejuice; What do you think of this.     
  •   Narrator; Now the party's over.     
  •   Grim Gloom as Beetlejuice; You put somebody out of the house i want to get somebody out here house.     
  •   Narrator; But the fun has just begun.     
  •   Grim Gloom as Beetlejuice; It's Showtime.     
  •   Grim Gloom as Beetlejuice; Throw yours boys will your friend butter party.     
  •   Frankie Foster as Barbara Maitland; [Gasp].     
  •   Ms. Keane as Jane; Not bad.     
  •   Captain LaPoutine as Otho; [Screaming]     
  •   Ami Onuki as Lydia Deetz; Is amazing.     
  •   Jonah Bishop as Char Man; On a cigarette.     
  •   Jamie as Adam Maitland; Oh no thank you.     
  •   Grim Gloom as Beetlejuice; We're here at come baby.     
  •   Narrator; He's guaranteed.     
  •   Narrator; To put some life.     
  •   Grim Gloom as Beetlejuice; Attention kmart shoppers.     
  •   Narrator; In your afterlife.     
  •   Narrator; Michael Keaton is Grim Gloom.      
  •   Grim Gloom as Beetlejuice; And the ghost words baby.     
  •   Narrator; Coming Son to Youtube.     
  •   Narrator; This Summer.     
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