Daffy Duck is an main character

He Played Squidward Tentacles in The TailsBob FoxPants series

He Played Nick Wilde in Toontopia

Daffy Duck (1)

He Played Art in Animated Creatures University 

He Played Mr. Potato Head in Animated Character Story 

He Played Inkspot in The Little Mer-Cat 3: Duchess' Beginning 

He Played Crazy Joe in Dog Tale 

He Played Peppo the Italian Cat in The AristoAnimals 

He Played Finnick in Animaltopia (Dragon Rockz Style) 

He Played Bladebeak in Quest for Camelot (RatiganRules Style) 

He Played Fear in Inside Out (The Cartoon All-Stars, Nelvana, Warner Bros., Tamagotchi, GoGoRiki, Mr. Men, Animation and Disney Commercials Style)

He Played Donald Duck in Daffy Duck (Donald Duck) 

He Played Mad Hatter in Marina In Wonderland


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