Chuck McFarlane is the main protagonist of "Chuck's Choice".
Chuck McFarlane

He Played Chicken Little in Chuck Little

He's is an Chicken.

He played Lil Bee in Sandylina Cheeks

He is a bee

He played Blue in Chuck's Clues

He is a dog

He Played Freddy in Barnyard (Gabbyabi10 Style)

He's is an Ferret.

He Played Cat in ChuckMisha (a.k.a. CatDog)

He's is an Half Cat.

He Played Rover Dangerfield in Chuck McFarlane (a.k.a. Rover Dangerfield)

He's is an a Dog.

He Played Balto in Chuck McFarlane (a.k.a. Balto)

He's is an Half Dog and Half Wolf.

He Played Pearl in ShimmerBob GeniePants

He's is an Whale.

He Played Roger Rabbit in Who Framed Chuck McFarlane (CyberChaseZoneFilms2010)

He's is an Rabbit.

He Played Bonkers D. Bobcat in Chuck McFarlane (a.k.a. Bonkers)

He's is an Bobcat.

He Played Bagel in The Chuck McFarlane and Misha Show (a.k.a The Bagel and Becky Show)

He's is an Yellow Dog.

He Played Ren in The Chuck McFarlane and Misha Show (a.k.a. The Ren and Stimpy Show)

He's is a Dog.

He Played Andy in Toon Story (ZakSaturdayRockz Style)

He's is a Boy.

He Played Wallace in Chuck McFarlane & Harvey Beaks

He is a man

He Played Tiger in Over The Teletoon Characters Hedge

He's is a Cat.

He Played Squidward in TwistBob TeenagerBoyPants, The NormanBob BabcockPantsMovie (The Spongebob Squarepants Movie)

He Played Andy in Toon Story (ZakSaturdayRockz Style)

He Played Simon Sevile in The Galaxy Adventure,Winston Steinburger And The Galaxys Meet Frankenstein,Winston Steinburger And The Galaxys Meet the Wolfman,Winston Steinburger And The Galaxys,Winston Steinburger And The Galaxys 2 : The Galaxuel,Winston Steinburger And The Galaxys: Galaxwreckred,Winston Steinburger And The Galaxys The Road Puppy Dog,Winston Steinburgerrrr And The Galaxys (2015) (Gabbyabi10 Style)

He Played Eddie Valiant In Who Framed U-Decide 3000 The Blue Robot (Daniela Stefâne Style)

He Played Sid in Flushed Away (Rose Cinderella And Blu Rockz Style)

He Played Pato in Winston Steinburger (Pocoyo)

He Played Mikey in Jerry is a Mouse (a.k.a Bunsen is a Beast)

He Played Ozzie In Over The Tooners Hedge

He Played Jerry In Rose Cinderella And Chuck McFarlane (a.k.a. Tom and Jerry)

He Played Burnie In HumanZak Saturday

He is a Toon

He played Harold in RugBoovs and RugBoovs: Tales from the Crib: Three Toons and a Beanstalk

He is a boy

He Played Garfield In Chuck McFarlane: The Movie (Garfield: The Movie)

He is a cat

He Played Charlie B. Barkin In All Nat Geo Kids Go to Heaven

He is a dog

He Played Zozi In U-Decide-3000 the Magnificent

He is a bear

He Played Jessica In Rose Cinderella Hears A Ready Jet Go Female Character! (2008) (a.k.a. Horton Hears a Who (2008))

He Played Bill the Lizard in Winston Steinburger in Wonderland

He Played Tyler in Supernoobs (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

He Played Bashful in Lavender White and the Seven Toon Humans

He Played Little Boy On Bicycle in The Incredibles (CartoonAnimationFan06 Human Style)

He Played Red in Angry Teletoon Characters Misha and The Angry Teletoon Characters Movie

He Played John Darling in Eric Needles Pan

He Played Slighty the Fox Lostboy in Skunk Pan

He Played Romeo in Chuck McFarlane and Longley Goodenmeyer: Seal with a Kiss

He Played Diego in Ice Age (Uranimated18 Style),Ice Age: The Meltdown (Uranimated18 Style),Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Uranimated18 Style),Ice Age: Continental Drift (Uranimated18 Style) and Ice Age: Collision Course (Uranimated18 Style)

He Played Nicholas Cherrywood (Teen) in The Nick Jr. Character and the Steinburger

He Played Utility Belt Buzz in Animation Character Story 2

He Played Ice Cream Cone in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (Uranimated18 Style)

He Played Louis in The Super Reader and the Bird

He Played Dr. Cockroach in Toons vs. Villains

He Played Marco Diaz in Misha vs. The Forces of Evil

He Played Riposte in Miraculous: Tales of Iris and Nathaniel (a.k.a Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir)

He Played King Colbert In Norahlina

He Played Derek in The Doll Princess

he is a Prince and Odette‘s Love Interest

He played Snook In It’s a Big Big World (Rat Terrier Fan Human Style)

He Played Speed in The Mewman Hyena

He Played James (Live Action) in Chuck McFarlane/Static and the Giant Peach

He Played Bula in The Zula Patrol (Rat Terrier Fan Human Style)

He Played Cogsworth in White Kitten and the Diaz


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