Here's the Scenes from ChannelFiveRockz.

Gumball and the Beankstalk


The Secret of NIMH (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Chuck McFarlane the Red-Nosed Kid

Casper the Friendly Ghost (Frosty the Snowman)

Plucky Duck and the Lions' Den

Kevin Reynolds (Robin Hood)

Kevin Whitney's Lagoon


The Little Witch Girl

Becky in Wonderland

The Weekenders New Groove

Beauty and the Lion Cub

Andrea Sussman, the Girl Who Became Queen

Princess Sherbet White and the Seven Jungle Animals

The Blue Robot That Saved Christmas

SpongeBob (Shrek)

Kung Fu Ghost

The Story of Flibber-o-loo (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Eric Needles Pan

The Teletoon Character of Notre Dame

Roach (Dumbo)

The Great Chihuahua Detective

The Many Adventures of Zak Saturday

A Toon's Life (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Krypto the Superdog and the Snake from Outer Space

The Little Witch Girl II: Return to the Sea

Here Comes Bugs Bunny


Channel Story

Krypto, Felix & Streaky (Rach, Shack & Benny)

Teletoon Charactertopia

Twist Claus is Coming to Town

The Little Whitney Boy

The Teenage Boy King

Hoodwinked! (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The Return of Nergal

Channel Story 2

The Sword in the Stone (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The Black Cauldron (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The Nightmare Before Christmas (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

How the Ren Hoek Stole Christmas (1966)

The TimonBob MeerkatPants Movie

The Wizard of Oz (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Marty and Company

Krypto and the Beanstalk

Ronnie Annelan

Kevin Whitney and the Giant Peach

Norm McFarlanecules

FernGully: The Rainforest (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Open Season (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Brother Cat (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Kion (Bambi)

Eric Needles Pan in Return to Neverland

Madagascar (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The Meerkat Prince (1990)


Cecilia White and the Seven Animals

Cecilia in Wonderland

Chuck McFarlane (Casper)

The AristoTeletoon Chracters

The Black Cauldron (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

SpongeBob 2 (Shrek 2)

Pinocchio and the Chocolate Factory (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The Many Adventures of Timon the Meerkat

Kion and Company

The Rescuers (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The Rescuers Down Under (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The AristoLions

All Animals Go To Heaven

The Little Mer-Shine

Boofleerella (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

We're Back! An Animal's Story

Kion and Bunga: The Movie

The Animal Book





The Zootopia King

Marlene and the Timon

Anne Marielina

Animal Age (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Animal Story (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The Cheetah Princess

An Animal's Life


How the Ren Hoek Stole Christmas (1966)

Channel Story 3


Marina White and the Seven Cartoon Network Characters


Animal Age 2: The Meltdown (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The Animal Book 2

The Good Cat

The Land Before Time (ChannelFiveRockz Animal Style)

The TimonBob MeerkatPants Movie

Kionladdin 2: The Return of Soto

The Zootopia King 2: Nick Wilde's Pride

Marlene and the Timon 2: Nick Wilde's Adventure

SpongeBob The Third

The Bobcat and the Cat (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Mr. Daffy Duck and Kevin Whitney

Finding Kion

Animals (Cars) (ChannelFiveRockz Style)


The Sword in the Stone (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The Princess and the Teletoon Character

Frankladdin 2: The Return of Negaduck

Tangled (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Animal Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Animal Story 2 (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Hanazuki's Moon

Booflee and the Ickis (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The Rugrats Movie (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty Princess


An American Tail (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Kung Fu Lion 2 (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Up (ChannelFiveRockz Animal Style)

Brave (ChannelFiveRockz Animal Style)

SpongeBob Forever After

Wreck-it Horton

Rio (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Animal Age 4: Continental Drift (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Hey Chuck McFarlane!: The Movie

The Zootopia King 1½

The Chuck McFarlane in the Hat

Space Jam (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Animal Story 3 (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

The Lego Movie (ChannelFiveRockz Style)


Animal Age 5: Collision Course (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

Jinoo's Christmas Carol

How the Ren Hoek Stole Christmas (2000)

Negaduck (Beetlejuice)

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (ChannelFiveRockz Style)

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