Cera is the young Triceratops deuteragonist of the Don Bluth's 1988 animated feature film The Land Before Time.



She played Fievel Mousekewitz in A Triceratops Tail Series

She is a mouse

She played Athena in Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Pink Hedgehog

She is an owl

She played Matilda in Angry Pets Toons, The Angry Pets Movie and The Angry Pets Movie 2

She is a white bird

She played Boots in Abby Hatcher the Explorer

She is a monkey

She played Pearl in Finding Phineas and Finding Phineas Video Game

She is a jellyfish

She played Plum in Cera Landing

She is a plum

She played Everest in Cartoon Pet Patrol

She is a husky

She played Bark in BeachGully: The Last Island

She is one of the beetle boys

She played Brandy in Cera & Mr. Lazlo

She is a dog

She played Abner in Hey Kody Kapow

She is a pig

She played Fifi in RugPets

She is a poodle


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