TheCartoonMan12's music video of Before We Die.


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Before We Die

Song from:

Total Drama


Brave (@2012 Disney/Pixar)

Grojband (@2013-2015 Teletoon)

Wimzie's House (@1995-1996 YTV/CBC)

Yogi's Treasure Hunt (@1985-1988 Hanna-Barbera)

Rocket Monkeys (@2013 Teletoon)


BBC Children in Need (@2009)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (@2010 Hasbro)

Sesame Street (@1969 HBO)

Tom and Jerry: The Movie (@1992 Warner Bros./Turner)

Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (@2004 Disney)


Littlest Pet Shop (@2012 Hasbro)

Frozen (@2013 Disney)

Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone (@2005 GoodTimes Entertainment)

Big Hero 6 (@2014 Disney)

Rover Dangerfield (@1991 Warner Bros.)

The Secret of NIMH (@1982 MGM)

Penguins of Madagascar (@2014 Dreamworks)

101 Dalmatians (@1961 Disney)

Yin Yang Yo! (@2006-2009 Disney/Jetix)


The Jungle Book (@1967 Disney)

Muppets Most Wanted (@2014 Disney)

Best Pals Hand Toons (@2013)

Thomas & Friends (Thomas and Gordon; @1984 Hit Entertaiment)

Robots (@2005 Blue Sky/20th Century Fox)

An Extremely Goofy Movie (@2000 Disney)

Little Einsteins (@2005-2009 Disney)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (@1988 Disney/Touchstone)

Fish Hooks (Bea Stays in the Picture; @2010-2014 Disney)

Home (@2015 Dreamworks)


Garfield and Friends (Good Mousekeeping; @1988-1994 Paws)

Looney Tunes (@1930-1969 Warner Bros.)

Hotel Transylvania (@2012 Sony/Columbia)

The Berenstain Bears (@1985-1987 Hanna-Barbera/Southern Star)

Family Guy (@1999 20th Century Fox)

Beauty and the Beast (@1991 Disney)

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