Barry B. Benson is a Bee from ''Bee Movie''

Barry B. Benson

He played Flik In A Bee's Life

He is an ant

He played Hammy In Over the Hedge (Gabbyabi10 Style)

He is a squirrel

He played Steve in Wonder Park (CartoonAnimationFan06 Style)

He is a porcupine

He played Disgust In Inside Out (Male Style)

He is a green emotion

He played Fievel In An American Tail (2004Movies Style)

He is a mouse

He played Shrek In Barry B. Benson (Shrek), Barry B. Benson (Shrek) (Samantha Rex Style), Barry B. Benson 2 (Shrek 2), Barry B. Benson the Third, and Barry B. Benson Forever After

He is an ogre

He played Buck In Home on the Range (Gabbyabi10 Style)

He is a horse

He played Adult Simba in The Bee King

He is a lion

He played Serena/Sailor Moon In Sailor Barry

He is a princess

He played Barney In Barry B. Benson & Friends

He is a purple dinosaur

He played Prince Cornelius in Dahlialina (CartoonAnimationFan09 Style)

He is a fairy prince

He played Ed Bighead in Ickis's Modern Life

He is a frog

He played Derek in The Thornberry Horned Owl

He is a prince

He played Chamberlain in The Shope Bunny

He is a man

He played Uncle Frank in Home Alone (Rat Terrier Fan Animal Style)

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