Arlo is the protagonist of the Disney/Pixar 2015 film The Good Dinosaur. He is brave, bold, fearless, sweet, pantophobic, and kind. He was cowardly at first.


He Played SpongeBob in ArloBob DinosaurPants and The ArloBob DinosaurPants Movie

He Played Etch in Japanese Story 1 and 2

He Played Bullseye in Cat Story 2 (OjamajoDoremiRockz) and Cat Story 3 (OjamajoDoremiRockz)

He Played Rex in Animated Character Story, Animated Character Story 2, Animated Character Story 3, Wild Animal Story, Wild Animal Story 2 and Wild Animal Story 3

He Played Elephant Abu in Trentladdin

He Played Pinocchio in The Tramp (Shrek) series

He Played Young/Adult Simba in The Dinosaur King, The Dinosaur King 2: Arlo's Pride, The Dinosaur King 1½ and The Dinosaur Guard

He Played Tramp in Cera and the Arlo and Cera and the Arlo 2: Littlefoot's Adventure

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