Felicity and Kody Kapow Rockz's movie-spoof of "Toy Story".


  • Woody - Kody Kapow
  • Buzz Lightyear - HobbyBear (HobbyKids Adventures)
  • Mr. Potato Head - Ollie (The Ollie and Moon Show)
  • Slinky Dog - Corn (Corn & Peg)
  • Pepper Mintz (Slinky Dog's Girlfriend) - Becky (The Bagel and Becky Show)
  • Rex - HobbyPig (HobbyKids Adventures)
  • Hamm - Rainbow King (True and the Rainbow Kingdom)
  • Bo Peep - Felicity (Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty) (This is The Movie, Animal Story (IsobelBarrdisneyLover1745 Style))
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