• Matt (from Cyberchase) as Big Bird
  • Tyrone (from Backyardigans) as Snuffy
  • O (from Alphablocks) as Elmo
  • Mr Squiggles (from Zhu Zhu Pets) as Oscar the Grouch
  • Rabbit (from My Friends Tigger and Pooh) as Bert
  • Tigger (from My Friends Tigger and Pooh) as Ernie
  • Pacman as Cookie Monster
  • Arrby (from PAW Patrol) as Grover
  • Marshmellow (from Annoying Orange) as Count von Count
  • A (from Alphablocks) as Zoe
  • Poppy (from The Adventures of Sage and Poppy) as Rosita
  • Jeffy (from The SML Show) as Telly Monster
  • Bungi (from The Chica Show) as Baby Bear
  • Joe (from Blue's Clues) as Herry Monster
  • Squirrlell (Wonder Pets Save The Hernot Crab) Corn and Peg as Moving Crayons


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