Alien Nine (エイリアン9 Eirian Nain) is a Japanese manga series by Hitoshi Tomizawa, which was later adapted into an anime OVA series by J.C.Staff. The manga was serialized in Akita Shoten's Young Champion magazine, spanning 3 volumes. In 2003, Tomizawa released a 1-volume sequel to the series called Alien 9 Emulators. Both the manga and anime are noted for their moe art style contrasting the realistic art style seen in most seinen series at the time and heavy violence despite the young main characters, Pokémon-like monster designs, and initial appearances of a slice-of-life-esque series.

The English adaptation of the series was first licensed by Central Park Media, and has played on Comcast's Anime Selects. Central Park Media released the title under their "US Manga Corps" line, on a single DVD, and later re-released the DVD in a box set with all three manga volumes, which was also licensed by Central Park Media under their "CPM Manga" line. Central Park Media filed for bankruptcy in 2009, and the DVDs and manga volumes subsequently went out of print in North America.


Yuri Otani, a rather melancholic 12-year-old, has just arrived in sixth grade and has (begrudgingly) joined the "Alien Party", a team whose primary objective is to capture any otherworldly aliens that may appear on campus. To make matters even worse for Yuri, the only way that capturing the aliens can be made possible is to adjoin with a "Borg", a symbiotic life-form whose sole purpose is to protect their host, incapacitate, and ultimately capture other aliens, using anything available to their arsenal (which includes, but is not limited to: Borgs, inline roller blades, knee pads, and lacrosse sticks.) Yuri is not alone in her tribulations, for she has two other Alien Party member friends - Kasumi Tōmine and Kumi Kawamura. What starts off as a straightforward cute action story turns disturbing rather quickly when one of them gets eaten by an alien and suspicions about the teacher running the program and the principal arise.



Portuguese:Estrangeira Nove


Flower Psychedelic (Natsumi Takamori) (Yūka Morishima) and (Eimi Naruse)


Rebirth (Natsumi Takamori) (Yūka Morishima) and (Eimi Naruse)


  • Yuri Otani

Voice by Juri Ihata (Japanese) Kelly Ray (English) Gabriela Milani (Portuguese)

  • Kumi Kawamura

Voice by Kaori Shimizu (Japanese) Debora Rabbai (English) Kate Kelly (Portuguese)

  • Kasumi Tomine

Voice by Noriko Shitaya (Japanese) Jessica Calvello (English) Fernanda Bullara (Portuguese)

  • Megumi Hisakawa

Voice by Aya Hisakawa (Japanese) Veronica Taylor (English) Priscila Amorim (Portuguese)

  • Miyu Tamaki

Voice by Manami Nakayama (Japanese) Rachael Lillis (English) Flávia Saddy (Portuguese)

  • Yuri's Borg

Voice by Ryūsei Nakao (Japanese) Joshua Popenoe (English)

  • Kumi's Borg

Voice by Ryūsei Nakao (Japanese) Jimmy Zoppi (English)

  • Kasumi's Borg

Voice by Ryūsei Nakao (Japanese) Tristan Goddard (English)

  • Yuri's Mother

Voice by Yuko Kato (Japanese); Lynna Dunham (English)

Episode List 

Episode Number Original air date
9th Elementary Anti-Alien Squad

第9小学校 エイリアン対策係

A new year starts at Division 9 Elementary School and each class begins handing out duties. Amongst the usual roles like class president, however, there is one that is rather unique: Alien Fighter. Yuri is in her final year of school and is shocked to find out that she has been elected to join the Alien Party. This is her worst nightmare, because she hates aliens. Her worst fears are realized as she attends the first meeting and learns that not only must she catch any aliens that attack the school but also wear an alien on her head! This is known as a "borg", a parasite creature who depends on the host. Each member of the Alien Party is given a borg, which have wings for defense and the power to attack others by extending long and flexible drills. The other members of the party are smart, confident Kumi and Kasumi, who seems to be good at everything she puts her mind to. Both volunteered to join the Alien Party, but Yuri doesn't know why. There's not much time to chat as the trio are sent out with nets and rollerblades to skate after the latest alien running around the school. Yuri struggles to deal with her responsibilities and looks to others for help, but with nowhere to turn she must keep on regardless. As new threats appear at the school, Yuri, Kumi, and Kasumi must learn to work together to fight the alien invasion. But is their Alien Party Advisor telling them everything they need to know? 1 25 June 2001
Boredom, Spaceship and Overgrowth

退屈 宇宙船 過成長

It's business as usual for the Alien Party as a strange spaceship crash lands at the school. Yuri gains a little bit of confidence during this task but is soon overwhelmed by a strange new threat: Boys with aliens attached to their heads, who are, for some reason, after Yuri's blood. As the pressure mounts, the team are pushed even further to try and work together. They learn a little more about each other in the process and grow closer. But they cannot even imagine the next terror awaiting them, an incident that will make each member of the team know what real fear means. 2 25 September 2001
Summer Vacation, Borg and Death

夏休み ボウグ 絶命

After the terrifying events of the previous episode, summer break is extremely welcome. In an effort to forget their worries, the team head off to the beach for a vacation full of different activities. Now that they understand each other a bit better, it becomes a perfect opportunity to really show each other how much their new friendship means to them. However, summer cannot last forever and Yuri fears what will happen upon returning to school. Despite this, she is determined to not let her new friends down. Her efforts are soon shaken up, however, as a strange and very large alien literally lands on top of the school! But for some reason, it's not attacking. Could it secretly be plotting something? Only Kasumi can answer. 3 25 November 2001
The End of the Beginning


Kasumi is missing and the remaining team members get into their Alien Party outfits and borgs before being sent on a rescue mission to save their friend from a deadly threat. However, this will be a battle unlike any other they have ever faced. It will test not only their friendship but also make them question who they can depend upon in the world. Although the teachers seem to know more than they are willing to say, they cannot help the girls. They are on their own to face the overwhelming dangers. But what does it really mean to be alone? 4 25 February 2002
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