• Mr. Magoo as Goofy

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A Mr. Magoo Movie

  • A Mr. Magoo Movie is a movie coming to Theaters on April 7, 2022 from Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation and is from creator of Open Season, Surf's Up, Cloudy with chance of Meatballs, Smurfs, Hotel Transylvania, Pixels, Popeye and 'Angry Birds
  • Goofy - Mr. Magoo
  • Max - Max Magoo
  • P.J. - G.J.
  • Peter Pete - George Johnson
  • Roxanne - Roxanne Lady
  • Robert "Bobby" Zimmeruski - Bobby Donald
  • Principal Mazur
  • Bigfoot
  • Stacy - Stacy Jones
  • Lester
  • Lester's Possum Pals
  • Possum Park Escee
  • Powerline
  • Lisa - Lady
  • Waitress
  • Chad
  • Piano Player
  • 3 Female Country Singers
  • Tow Truck Diver
  • Prisoner
  • Small Man - Krazy Kat
  • Small Man's Large Wife - Krazy Kat's Large Wife
  • Mickey Mouse - Flint Lockwood
  • Donald Duck - Steve the Monkey
  • Little Old Lady
  • Little Old Lady's Cats
  • Nuns
  • Creepy Green Man
  • Security Guard
  • Goofy's Yellow Car - Mr. Magoo's Car


  • (Max Magoo/Max kicks one of Mr. Magoo's Car/the car's tires in frustrated and leans against the rear bumper. Suddenly, Mr. Magoo's Car/the car starts to roll away down the hill!)
  • Max Magoo/Max: Hey, hey!, The car!
  • Mr. Magoo/Goofy: What? Now do you want drive too?!
  • Max Magoo/Max: No, dad. The car! Look! (Mr. Magoo/Goofy turns and look at Mr. Magoo's car/runaway car was out of control and he and Max Magoo/Max begins to chase him/it)
  • Mr. Magoo/Goofy: The car! What do you now, Max!
  • Max Magoo/Max: I didn't do anything, dad. I just touch it!


  • Mr. Magoo/Goofy: Look, Max!
  • Max Magoo/Max: Uh, d-d-d-dad. It's BIGFOOT!
  • Mr. Magoo/Goofy: Can you back up, Mr. Foot?, Uh, you're out of focus.
  • (Bigfoot angrily roars at Mr. Magoo/Goofy and Max Magoo/Max and they ran back to the camp! Mr. Magoo/Goofy throws the steak onto George/Pete's face)
  • George/Pete: What's the idea? (George/Pete sees Bigfoot chases Mr. Magoo/Goofy and Max Magoo/Max!) Bigfoot!
  • (George/Pete quickly packed up everythingincluding the BBQ grill and drive away in horror!)
  • Mr. Magoo/Goofy: Behold, the legendary Bigfoot!


  • Roxanne Lady/Roxanne: (to Max Magoo/Max) I already liked you, Maxy. From the very first time I heard you laughs.
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